MARQUETTE — Marquette County residents may have noticed what looked like a pirate ship docking at the Lower Harbor last night, this of which was the one and only Pride of Baltimore II.

This ship has a rich history and has traveled all across the country. Originally being built in 1977, the ship faced endless waves during its life before it crashed on the ocean, losing four men. The Pride of Baltimore two was built in the late 80’s as a replica and tribute to the original ship.

“So this was all kind of forgotten for ten years and then in 1977, the Mayor of Baltimore got the idea to construct a vessel modeled after these historic vessels that were so successful,” said Pride of Baltimore Historian, Pierre Hencart.

The ship has a total of 12 shipmates with extensive backgrounds in sailing. Although the ship has traveled across numerous bodies of water, the Great Lakes are still a special place for them to visit.

“Well we always love coming to the Great Lakes, it’s a friendly neighborhood for vessels. The local love for the tall vessels, the Lakers transports their interest with visiting vessels,” said Pride of Baltimore Captain, Jan Miles.

The Pride of Baltimore is the first of many tall ships that will be docking into Marquette this weekend for the Large Masted Ships Festival.