CALUMET — The weather may have rained out the parade…but that didn’t dampen the spirits of those who came out to celebrate Calumet’s Sesquicentennial.

The township marked their 150th anniversary with fireworks, live music and a fair in Agassiz Park over the weekend.

Organizers estimate 800-1,000 people came out Friday to take part in the evening’s festivities.

The Great Deer Chase mountain bike race got things started Saturday, and then folks headed over to the park.

Calumet Township Treasurer Debbie Aubin said. “We’ve got vendors—everything from food to beer to jewelry—you name it, we have it here. We have fresh produce, we’ve got music. We just are enjoying being together with our neighbors and celebrating 150 years of Calumet Township.”

The mines may be part of Calumet’s history, but many of those living in the area still see good things to come.

Aubin said, “We’re still going strong. Like most small towns, we have a lot of empty buildings but we have lots of heart and soul. We have a vibrant community. So, it’s a great place to live. I am just thrilled that I am here.”