MARQUETTE– A local association has built a lot of houses and it’s all for a good cause.

It’s a building blitz for the Home Builders Association and habitat for humanity, who have come together for the past twenty–three years to build housing for low income families. And their goal is to have a roof on this house before they leave.

This house is special to them, it’s the 100th house they build and it’s located right next to the first house they build back in the nineties.

“It’s the best thing we could ever do for a community, a now this being the 100th house our job is not done, said Dr. Carol Hicks, a member of both the Home builders Association of the Upper Peninsula and Habitat for Humanity, “it’s actually just begun, you know, we still have a need in this community for low income type housing so that people can afford a house.”

One volunteer said it felt great to see some many people pitch in. Dave Martin, “Great team effort to get all these builders together, we’re normally competitors in our market and every one pitches in, gets along and does a great job for a whole day.”

Workers say that building houses like this is extremely helpful for the families that buy them.

Workers started building the house this morning and they plan to be completely finished by tomorrow.