HOUGHTON — Since 1997, Isle Royale National Park has charged a $4 per person daily user fee. In 2015 Isle Royale began the process of updating its fee program to comply with federal regulations, allow acceptance of all Federal Recreation Passes, and study changing the user fee to an entrance fee. Isle Royale is now proposing a fee change and would like any thoughts and comments before a final decision is made.

The proposed fee change includes:

-Change the $4 per person per day user fee to a $7 per person entrance fee good for 1 day.

-The Isle Royale annual pass will increase from $50 to $60 and will include up to 3 people traveling with the pass holder as is consistent with other Federal Recreation Passes.

-Honor all Federal Recreation Passes (Annual, Senior, Access, Military, Volunteer). They are currently not honored because Isle Royale charges a user fee instead of an entrance fee.

-Discontinue the $150 annual boat rider pass which currently covers the operator and all passengers in a private boat for the year. As the $60 annual park pass will include up to 4 persons, the annual boater pass will no longer be needed.

-To be consistent with NPS fee collection policy, children ages 15 and under will be exempt from paying fees (currently children 11 and under are exempt).

Park fees have not increased since 1997 while the costs of managing the park and providing visitor facilities and services has increased significantly. All fees collected at Isle Royale remain in the park and are primarily used for trail and dock maintenance projects. The proposed fee change would take effect starting in the 2017 season.

To provide feedback, you may do so at any park visitor center or online by clicking HERE.

(Information Courtesy of the National Park Service)