Long awaited beachfront park open for business

MARQUETTE — “I knew in the end game that we would complete this park and I think it’s a great tribute to Clark Jr. and Clark Sr.”

From beautiful new benches and bathrooms to a beach that offers a view of water as far as the eye can see, the new Clark Lambros’ Beach Park on Lakeshore Drive has it all.

“It’s going to be packed,” said Jack Caron, grandson of the late Clark Lambros. “On those hot summer days there will be kids running around and swimming everywhere,” he added.

The late Lambros Sr. left the land where the park is to the city. After three years of working with city officials and the DNR, the park went from a design concept to reality.

“It’s pretty amazing. I didn’t see this during construction so I came and saw first when it was all torn down,” said Clark Caron, grandson of Clark Lambros. “Now that it’s finished, it’s amazing. This is way bigger than I thought it was and it’s great to see this. I know he’d be really proud.”

“If you remember this was a private property with no public access. Now we have a beautiful park,” said Dave Campana, mayor of Marquette. “The best part– it came at no cost to the city. The city did not put anything into this. A very great gift from the Lambros family.”

Every single–family member hopes that people will always come out and just enjoy the sand, sun and the water for years to come.

“I hope they have a respect for the park, the way it was built and the type of materials that were used,” said Butler. “It is going to be a long–term endeavor. Clark was business in Marquette for well over 55, 60 years. He contributed a lot in many different ways. Clark loved life.”