A personal touch helps local cable stay competitive

NEGAUNEE– Looking for cable and internet, you can still stay local.

Nick Vissor, President of the Negaunee cable company say they serve “Currently the City of Negaunee, we’re expanding into the city of Ishpeming and further expansion to the Negaunee township and the city of Marquette.”

There is a bit of work involved in bringing cable to an area. Vissor said that building the infrastructure takes most of the work, such as bringing in fiberwire.

Fiber is cable that can transport a large amount of information, Thom Sumbler of Peninsular Fiber Network explains.

Sumbler said, “So one of things that fiber does, is that it has enough capacity to allow the movement of video.”

It is still possible to be small cable company and compete with bigger names. Visser said that the small size of this community helps with this.

However, the real difference can be in the personal touch. One example of this is customer service.

“You’ll have a customer service rep designated to that city,” Vissor said, “so when you call, you’ll be talking to the same person you talk to every time you call.”

Visser also says the company tries to stay active in their community, saying that his relationship with the community is “a reciprocal relationship then a one way relationship.”