MARQUETTE — If you want to get around Marquette, there’s more then one way to do it.

“We have commuters that come into the shop year round” said owner Erik Carlson of the Quick Stop Bike Shop in Marquette, “a lot of summer time commuters, but there’s a quite of few people that commute by bikes.”

Carlson is very confident of the bike paths on Marquette’s streets. He said, “I haven’t had any issues and I ride them every day. The Third Street corridor here is pronominal.”

There may be a reason for the praise, the city has invested $2,244 into improving the bike lanes on Third Street.

Dennis Stachewicz is the Director of Community Development in Marquette City Hall. He said that “A year ago, we went out to do bicycle counts and we found that there were 85 bicycles a hour on the intersections on Third Street.

He said the city then, “painted the infrastructure of the bike lanes and the arrows and mapped that out for the bicycles.”

Now the city is double checking it’s work. It is looking to see if the changes they made on Third Street have affected bike traffic and safety on the street. But for Carlson, “More is always better, in terms of dedicated bike paths.”

However, the results won’t be available for a couple of weeks.