GWINN — One U.P. restaurant has a new deal to show their support for law enforcement officials.

The U.P. North Lodge in Gwinn has just kicked off its cops eat free day, every second Tuesday of the month. On these days, any local law enforcement official can stop in for a free meal, the only proof the owners are looking for is a peak at their badge.This idea came to one of the owners after previous police shootings, such as the most recent one in Dallas.

“We just kind of felt that it was very time appropriate because of what has been happening to law enforcement out there” said U.P. North Lodge Co-owner, Sally Searle. “We just wanted to do our part and recognize what it is that these men and women are doing everyday and to help with what we know, which is food.”

Although the promotion just officially began today, owners of the lodge have already heard some positive feedback from peoples throughout the community.

“This has absolutely gone viral. We’ve got like 99% extremely positive response to this” Searle continued.

Any law enforcement member can stop in anytime of the day for either lunch or a dinner special. This deal is planned to continue on the scheduled Tuesdays into the foreseeable future.