Firefighters contain fire at Sugarloaf Mountain

MARQUETTE — It could have been a whole lot worse. That’s what firefighters told ABC 10 Tuesday afternoon about an incident at Sugarloaf Mountain.

Just after 1:00 p.m., a couple of hikers noticed smoke coming from the top of the mountain.

During their investigation, the Marquette Township Fire Department found hot embers and warm logs still smoldering.

With the help of their portable water packs, firefighters were able to put out the fire.

Thankfully, the damage was contained to a small area.

“If it would’ve caught some of these live trees, the embers could have spread with the wind,” said Danny Anderson of the Marquette Township Fire Department. “It could have caused a big forest fire. We try to have a plan when we get to stuff like this. That way we’re not just going with the flow when we get here. We make due with what we have.”

Firefighters also used a couple of rakes and pickaxes to extinguish the fire.