Contract approved for lobbyist services in U.P. city

MARQUETTE — A contract between the city of Marquette and Karoub Associates has been approved creating lobbying services for the next two years.

The contract consists of Karoub Associates, based out of Lansing to assist with lobbying Marquette on the state level.
This will be done through advocating the city in anything related to the state government. Marquette City Manager, Mike Angeli is hopeful that Karoub will provide the city with any information on pending legislation or pending issues that the city may not typically hear about this far north. This is the first time that a lobbyist will be working specifically with Marquette.

“We have state representatives that do well for us, however they represent a whole district, or whole area” said Marquette City Manager, Mike Angeli. “While this person would just concentrate on the city of Marquette.”

The contract is for a term of two years with the possibility of a renewal and monthly payments of three-thousand dollars. The first work session is scheduled for the end of this month, to meet with the commission and Karoub to create an outline of future goals.