UPDATE — The County Clerk’s office says Evan Bonsall received 44 write-in votes for Democratic precinct delegate in the primary election.

“I’m looking forward to representing Marquette City Precinct 5 for the next two years, and I just want to thank everyone who wrote in my name on Tuesday or has expressed their support over the past week – it really means a lot!” said Bonsall in a Facebook post.

MARQUETTE — It’s not every day you hear of a 19 year old going into politics. A Marquette native is setting the bar high.

It’s a small office, behind a bank and a video rental store; 106 Cole’s Drive. As modest as it is, it houses one of Marquette County’s brightest, and newest politicians. Meet Evan Bonsall.

“I was always interested in politics. And government and stuff like that. But now that actually being involved… It’s definitely very interesting.”

At just 19 years old, Bonsall is running as a write–in candidate for precinct delegate in Marquette Precinct Five.

“I decided that we live in a county, Marquette County, where one in three people in the county are under 25. And we don’t have any precinct delegates under 25.”

The source of his inspiration was his mom – former President of the PTA at the now closed Vandenboom Elementary.

“She helped lead the fight to keep the school open, and that really made an impression on me.”

Now, as a campaign intern in Lon Johnson’s office, Bonsall spends his days dailing numbers, making phone calls, and checking off boxes. Evan has just completed his freshman year at Harvard. But with all this, his ultimate goal is simple; to come back home. “I wanna come back here when I’m done with school.”