Stay optimistic after you're laid off

MARQUETTE– If you know of someone facing a layoff after the closing of the Empire Mine, there are some local organizations that can help.

Michigan Works! can help if you’re currently unemployed. The association has been preparing a rapid response for the close of the Empire Mine. This response includes meetings aimed to help you revamp your resume, improving your interviewing skills and showing you what benefits and resources are available.

Lewis Strom, a Talent Team Member with Michigan Works! says the best way to handle a layoff is to stay optimistic. He said “It opens up a lot of doors and that’s the thing that I try to encourage people when they come into Michigan Works! on a layoff is to use it as a positive thing and maybe it’s going to open new doors that before were available to you, get you into a career that you didn’t think something that you would be doing, but you end up loving it.”

The association’s services are free. Strom says there is plenty of work in the area for skilled workers.
You can find Michigan Works! Job Search Website can be found here here