U.P. native rallies for votes in the primary election

MARQUETTE — A rally was held earlier today for Congressional hopeful and U.P. native Tom Casperson.

Senator Casperson (R) Escanaba—along with current First District Congressman Dan Benishek—met with supporters at the Marquette Commons to answer pressing questions just in time for tomorrow’s election. After a long time on the road, Casperson was happy to make one more round up to the U.P. to remind supporters to vote in the primary election.

“That’s what we’re asking the folks here in Northern Michigan, get out here and vote Tuesday. Usually primaries votes are down, and they come out heavier here in the general, but I’m asking people to come out and vote, certainly here, and make their voices heard” said Senator Casperson.

Rallies such as these can give constituents the chance to better understand the importance of their vote.

“You need to get people aware of the situation. So I think most people do support Tom Casperson, but I want to make sure we have rallies like this so people do come out and vote tomorrow because it is very important,” said Casperson supporter, Bill Nordeen.

Congressman Dan Benishek also informed supporters about why he endorsed Casperson. Casperson said he plans to tackle one issue at a time if he ends up in the U.S. Capitol. He ended the rally by explaining his openness for understanding different opinions and thanking everyone for attending.