Neighbors Night Out

ISHPEMING — Fighting crime is fun when it involves free food. Bounce houses and face paint are a nice plus, too. The first installment of Neighbors Night Out would include all of those things. With citizens gathering for a little block party by town hall.

The night out is designed to help neighbors meet their neighbors; the building blocks for a cohesive neighborhood watch.

Errol Lukkarinen, Corporal with Ishpeming’s Special Operations, explained, “The Sheriff’s Office, along with the 131 Search and Rescue are here as representatives for the Sheriff’s Office, and it’s kind of a meet and greet with the public.”

Lukkarinen said that sometimes, it’s difficult for the public to speak with law enforcement. But this allows it to occur in a natural and social way.

“The neighborhood gets out together, they get to see each other, see who their neighbors are, and see who the public figures are in the community,” he said, “It’s a good opportunity (because) sometimes the public doesn’t want to talk to law enforcement.”

On a night coordinated by Triad; members of the Westwood Patriots volunteered to help. The football players handed out hot dogs to attendees, but more importantly, they kept watch over feisty kids in the bounce house.