DATA looking to expand service area

ESCANABA– The Delta Area Transit Authority will be looking to expand their service area tomorrow in the primaries.

Eight townships will be voting if they want to levee a half mill to bring in busing service from DATA.
DATA officials say they may need new vehicles in the future if these are passed.

Some of these new vehicles could be minivans. DATA already has one and officials say it been very helpful with improving accessibility for riders. Officials from DATA say they have had good feedback from the community, but aren’t sure how voting will go.

“Well it’s gonna be really tough, we didn’t…we haven’t done any surveys to see what the polling is going to look like tomorrow,” DATA Executive Director John Stapleton said.

“I think some of the townships are gonna be real close and other ones are going to support it. We’ve had a lot of good input from people and a lot of encouraging feedback,” He continued, “but it’s really tough to say until the voters go out and vote.”

Each township will be voting independent of each other tomorrow. This means that if one township passes the millage it will not effect another, which the millage did not pass in.