Young upcoming musicians participate in U.P. Rock Camp

HOUGHTON — Students at Rock Camp are getting ready for their Really Big Show this Saturday in Houghton.

Rock and roll maybe fun, but nobody ever said it was easy. 36 students are taking part in PJ Olsson’s two week long Rock Camp in Houghton. The camp teaches them to be better musicians and how to perform live as a group.

14–year–old Ellie Helman from Houghton said, “It’s very hard, putting together all the songs and learning the lyrics and everything, getting it put on stage—yeah, it’s challenging!”

19–year–old Matt Waatti from Missoula, Missouri said, “Just being around so many talented people and talented instructors and great vibes and awesome energy and just—I’m learning so much and there’s so much to learn from everybody around me.”
The teenagers don’t just learn how to be rock stars, but how to shine at life as well.

Rock Camp Founder P.J. Olsson said, “Most kids that come out of here are a little more secure, a little more bright and they carry it with them year to year to year to year.”

The finale of Rock Camp is a concert put on by the students that will knock your socks off.

Rock Camp Instructor Hannah Bethel said, “It’s a kids’ show, but it’s pretty awesome, too. We’ve got the smoke and we’ve got the lights and the passion is there and when that curtain comes up and the lights hit the stage, those kids just—they’re on fire.”

The concert is this Saturday at the Rosza Center on Michigan Tech’s campus, but get your tickets now, the show is expected to sell out once again.