Website keeps parents informed on new trends

MARQUETTE — As a parent it can be difficult to keep up to date on current trends that could potentially be harmful to your child.

After hearing about the Slender man trial, where two young girls murdered a friend because of the internet fascination, one Indiana Father had an idea. With teenagers and adolescents using social media to a great extent, it can be difficult for parents to keep up on the latest internet craze. That’s why John Michels decided to create

“It just kind of came to me that I’ve never seen a site where parents could go and they wouldn’t have to know what they were looking for. They could just start with one site and educate themselves about the potential dangers that are out there” said Careful Parents Founder, John Michels.

This website allows parents to register and receive alerts on current trends that are popular amongst their kids. These trends range from acronyms and lingo to clothing styles and drug related activities. After starting the website over ten months ago, two-thousand members have already registered.

These members are not just limited to the U.S. but global registrations have been seen as well. This website gives parents the chance to not only keep up to date on current trends but also be more relatable when communicating with their children.

“I do think though that our site can at least make it easier for you to have an open dialogue with your kids on what is potentially out there and dangerous and then also to hopefully open that dialogue between parents and kids to know what’s going on in their lives” Michels continued.

Michels does the research on current trends using all different media outlets to keep parents informed. The website is free for anyone to register on and you can sign up to receive alerts on any pressing trends.