MARQUETTE — High school reunions are fun, depending on who you ask. The MAPS Education Foundation hosted one tonight with a unique spin that made it unquestionably fun.

Inside the sun–lit Marquette Regional History Center, members representing classes from 1967 and on met–up for a one–of–a–kind reunion doubling as a scholarship fundraiser. But that wasn’t the only twist – seeing as the foundation hosting the event is making a name for itself in the giving of scholarships.

Judy Vonck, the incoming Education Foundation President, explained, “This year, we gave away 92 scholarships to Marquette High Seniors for a total of $123,000. So that is really part of the main work that we do.”

Four new scholarships were announced at tonight’s reunion; but Vonck preferred to call it a reconnect.

“It’s a reconnect really with 50 years, which is fun, because you get to hang out with people older than you were in high school; not just your own class. We wanted everybody to participate.”

She added, “We figured 50 years of graduates could challenge them to challenge each other to gather enough money for this scholarship for each of the schools.”

The ultimate goal of tonight’s event was to give five seniors a scholarship next year.