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MARQUETTE — If your looking for a new thriller to read and want to meet the author, you won’t have to go far. A local author is exploring the mind of a serial killer in this edition of ABC 10’s Feature of the Week.

Growing up, Marquette resident Martyn Martello loved writing.

“In high school, my freshman teacher, freshman English teacher asked us to write a journal every day, “I don’t care if it’s only a sentence.’ I handed in 316 pages at the end of the year.”

Martello says it runs in the family. His brother is a playwright and published author, his sister has also written plays and his mother was a columnist.

“We just all write,” said Martello. “That’s part of our psyche, that’s part of our being.”

Now, Martello has published his first novel, ‘Serial Killer Confessions: Just Friends.’

“And it’s a very creepy little read.”

The book focuses on a serial killer who targets his friends.

“They need to be close enough to him that he can feel the trust fall.”

Martello has received an interesting response from readers. He says some people can’t put the book down and others can’t get past the first half of the novel.

“A friend of mine is a psychologist, in particulars works with prisoners, is a little concerned about my mental health because I’m way too far into the head of the serial killer,” said Martello.

In Martello’s perfect world, his book would become a movie, but for right now, he’s starting with the audio book. He’s brought in members of the community for his production, including Miss U.P. Eliisa Gladwell, who portrays one of the bodies on cover of the book as well.

In addition to the audio version, an E–Book will be out in around two months. Martello also plans and starting a series.

“Writing is good therapy, I just enjoy it. And frankly writing is a lot cheaper than therapy.”

‘Serial Killer Confessions: Just Friends’ is available at Snowbound and Bookworld.

MARQUETTE — For Thursday’s edition of ‘#ABC10Feature’, Matt Miller talks with local author Martyn Martello about his first novel, “Serial Killer Confessions – Just Friends”. Find out why some readers can’t put the book down, and for a creepy reason, others can’t get past the first half. Tune in to ABC 10 at 5:30 p.m.

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