Getting locked up for charity

MARQUETTE– A few people were locked up today in Marquette, but they didn’t end up in the Marquette County Jail.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is hosting their annual lockup at the 906 Sports Bar on Washington Street.

Participants were able to get out of jail by raising bail money thanks to some help from their friends and family. The money raised is used to help families with kids suffering for Muscle Dystrophy.

“We come here very year and the Marquette community is always amazing, said Heather Buchberger of the Marquette Muscle Dystrophy Association, “We just love to see the generous community come together and raise money.”

The MDA uses the money to pay for yearly clinic visits and to send local kids with Muscular Dystrophy to a summer camp, where they are able to participate in activities they can’t normally do.