Team comes together to repair vandalized field

EBEN JUNCTION– At Superior Central, the football team is still working to repair the damage from vandalism earlier this summer.

You can still see the tracks in the grass where a car or truck did doughnuts on the football field this past June. This morning, members of the team came together to lay topsoil, sow seeds and aerate the field.

A few of the players mentioned that though they were upset that someone would damage their field, they plan on working hard to overcome the disrespect they feel.

Junior Quarterback Josh Kulik said, “I feel totally disrespected and as a school I think we should all feel disrespected that an unknown person is coming through and tearing up field and track.”

Senior Center Clayton Horsley said, “We didn’t expect it to come from anybody in the community and we just, we can’t let it stop us from playing to the best of our ability this season, which is why we’re out here fixing it up.”

According to Superior Central District Superintendent Bill Valima, some names of possible culprits have been forwarded to the Alger County Sheriffs department.

The superintendent also said that the repairs have not cost much money because of donations from the community.

School officials have spent around eight hours fixing the turf on the field.