Decade old millage up for renewal

EBEN JUNCTION– Voters in the Superior Central School District will decide next week if they want to renew a decade old millage.

The millage at stake is up for a 21 renewal. The 18.6 non–homestead millage brings in around $550 thousand for the district.

School officials say this makes up about 17%of their budget and helps cover everything from books to desks to salaries. The district superintendent says he appreciates the community’s support.

“I’m hoping that it passes, we’ve successfully past a sinking fund millage a few years ago and then a bond this past November,” Valima said.

He continued, “I know that our community supports our school and I’m anticipating they will continue to support us.”

The original millage was passed over twenty years ago in March of nineteen ninety–four.

Since this is a renewal, no taxes will be raised. And since the proposal is a non–homestead millage, it will not affect taxes on residents homes.

It will affect vacation homes as well as rental and business properties.