Traffic moving nicely through newly opened roundabout

ISHPEMING — Traffic in the City of Ishpeming is now moving a little faster, as construction crews continue to make progress on the roundabout projects.

The roundabout on US-41 now allows drivers to move a little more freely on the highway. Officials with A. Lindberg and Sons and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) opened up the first of two roundabouts Monday.

According to project superintendent Robbie Dobson, drivers are smoothly making their way through the roundabout.

“Traffic seems to be going alright,” said Dobson. “We didn’t see any problems. People just have to remember that you have to yield to people on your left as you’re going around. I think it’s going pretty good. I was expecting a couple fender benders but I haven’t seen any at all.”

Anyone driving in the city should be aware that accessing Third Street from US Forty One is now permanently closed. Drivers will have to access the highway from Second Street and use both roundabouts.

“You will be able to access the Holiday (Gas Station) and access through their driveway to US–41, but you will not be able to come out and take a left or a right on US–41 itself,” said Dobson.

If you’re not comfortable with using the roundabouts, city officials suggest using Lakeshore Drive and Malton Road as alternate routes. Dobson says the project is still about a month ahead of schedule.

It’s expected to be finished by Labor Day.