MARQUETTE — Law enforcement has been the center of attention for media outlets nationwide this year. While officers haven’t been painted in the best of light, one local artist went above and beyond to make sure that officers from one local agency were.

Local artist Dan Cook recently donated a piece of art to the Marquette City Police Department. The painting displays a little girl wrapped around the leg of an officer, with Marquette intricately portrayed in the background. The piece was a surprise to the officers at the station, but the message it provides resonates heavily in their minds in light of recent events.

“We take a lot of pride in what we do. We’re all professionals,” said Captain Mike Laurila. “We do a job that is sometimes difficult, but we do it well. We’re here to provide a service and support the community. I think it resembles what we do here in the city and the ultimate goal, as this picture depicts, is to serve and protect.”

The painting will be displayed in the police department for all to enjoy for years to come.