Power outage closes Michigan Tech

HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech is closing at 1 p.m. today, Friday, July 22, due to a power outage necessary to assess and repair a transformer problem in Daniell Heights.

There was a campus-wide power outage at approximately 4 a.m. today. Facilities Management crews traced the outage to a fault in a transformer in Daniell Heights. Power was quickly restored to all University buildings except Daniell Heights, where it remains out.

A 4-hour outage is required as soon as possible to determine the damage to the transformer and to start repairs. A planned second outage will be necessary after repairs are completed, but it will be shorter and will affect fewer buildings.

Until the situation has been assessed, there is no timeline for restoration of electrical power to Daniell Heights. No one’s life is in danger. Residence Life is working with the residents of Daniell Heights to provide any necessary food or medical services in the interim.