"I did not receive a fair trial," says U.P. man serving 40-80 years

MARQUETTE — Two years ago, Jason Sadowski was found guilty of solicitation of murder and two counts of torture in Marquette County Circuit Court.

A ruling last year by the Michigan Court Of Appeals granted Sadowski a new trial later this year. We talked with Sadowski today about the past, present and future of his case.

“I’ve been wanting to get the truth out and I’m not afraid of the truth,” said Sadowski in an exclusive interview with ABC 10. “My name and my character have been horribly damaged.”

40 to 80 years in prison; That’s what 45–year–old Jason Sadowski was sentenced to more than two years ago for keeping two women at a karate dojo in Ishpeming against their will.To this day, Sadowski is still stunned that he’s behind bars.

“I was afraid of the outcome,” said Sadowski. “I had done my best to prepare myself for it. I did not receive a fair trial.”

Sadowski’s co–defendant, Charles Cope, appealed his 25 to 40 year prison sentence to the Michigan Court of Appeals. Cope’s appeal to the court was denied.

In December, Sadowski’s appeal was granted by the court, which cited that his confrontation rights were violated and a handgun used as evidence in the case against him should have been inadmissible.

“There was never a handgun that was alleged to have been used in any crime. There was never a handgun that was alleged to have been seen or known about,” said Sadowski. “They ruled that I did not receive a fair trial.”

Sadowski and his attorney, Tony Ruiz, who helped coordinate this interview exclusively with ABC 10 and the CW–5, have been preparing for Sadowski’s trial, which is set to begin on September 19th.

“There is no evidence that I committed these crimes; none” said Sadowski. “There’s tons of evidence on my behalf that says that I didn’t. It’s all over lies. I just want the opportunity to get the truth out to the public.”

Sadowski is currently lodged at the Marquette County Jail, where he is preparing for his trial, which again starts on September 19th.