KINGSFORD — A local engineer was nationally recognized recently for his innovative techniques in road re-pavement.

Dickinson County Road Commission Engineer Lance Malburg received an award for excellency in the Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR) category from the Asphalt Recycling Reclaiming Association.

The recognition stems from the recent completion of the Pine Mountain-Westwood Avenue project, which used 100 percent recycled asphalt.

Two aspects of HIR make it attractive for road projects – the promotion of economically responsible practices and the cost-effective techniques that save the county thousands in comparison to traditional approaches.

“It’s pretty neat to get a national recognition. Just a proof positive we’re trying to do the right thing. Michigan road funding isn’t the greatest,” said Dickinson County Road Commission Engineer Lance Malburg. “There’s a lot more need than there is money so it shows that we’re looking beyond the old for something for a more modern way to stretch the dollars.”

HIR abolishes the need for virgin materials, like stone and oil. Roads using the method are resurfaced by heating up the old asphalt, scraping it, adding a rejuvenating fluid and capping it with an ultra thin pavement mix.

The road commission plans to use HIR on roads that meet the proper criteria in the future.