Local partnership stocks classrooms

ISHPEMING — With the start of the school year fast approaching, a partnership between Shopko and the Salvation Army is making sure local classrooms are well stocked.

The Tools for School campaign has had a lasting affect on communities nation-wide since 2005.

The program was created to ensure that students and teachers start the school year off with an ample supply of classroom necessities. These items typically include Kleenex, notebooks, crayons and other supplies utilized often in classes.

“It puts everyone on a level playing field the first week of school,” said Patty Evans, the Ishpeming Shopko store manager. “The children are going to be more comfortable if they have everything they need to start their school year and then it’s going to make it a more positive experience for the child if they have the supplies they need.”

The program starts at Skopko when shoppers purchase school supplies and drops them in the donation box. The Salvation Army then distributes the pre-packaged bag of school supplies to families in need around the community.

The campaign started on July 10 and runs through August 20.