Pedal Cruiser tour features hot new Pokémon app

MARQUETTE– Users of the ‘Pokémon Go!’ app will have a chance to tour the city.

Checker Transportation will be hosting a Pokémon Pedal Tour on their Pedal Cruiser the next two weeks. The tour will take riders around the City of Marquette and will allow them to play the popular phone app.

Besides catching Pokémon, the tour will visit several landmarks throughout the city, like the Superior Dome and the Marquette Courthouse.

“It turns things like historical markers, public works of art, statues, parks, churches, architectural styles into game play markers,” said Brice Burge of Checker Transportation.

‘Pokémon Go!’ currently has 7.5 million users and that number continues to rise. Regarding the pedal cruise, you can reserve a spot for yourself or a group of friends by calling Checker Transportation at (906) 226-7777.