Groundbreaking project after a fire

MUNISING– After functioning without a permanent building, today is a big day for ALTRAN.

More than year since their previous building burned down, ALTRAN is getting ready for a new one. Community members gathered this afternoon for the groundbreaking ceremony of ALTRAN’S new building. Their previous building was destroyed in a late night fire last March. Since then ALTRAN has been using borrowed buses from several different agencies across the U.P.

Even though the groundbreaking ceremony was today, construction has started and ALTRAN is expecting the building to be done by the end of November. Both members of the community and ALTRAN representatives voiced their excitement over this development.

ALTRAN Executive Director Rochelle Cotey said that she “just can’t wait to get into our facility.” She also said, “You know Munising is growing and as Munising grows we grow too and we have grown since the fire.”

John Kivela (D Marquette), said that he admired ALTRANS determination. He said, “To me, what’s special about this, is… how they got back on their feet again.”

ALTRAN is using Gundlach Champion as its contractor. Cotey says the building will be completed by November 30th.

It’s estimated to cost around $2 million. Cotey added that most of the money will come from insurance, but that state and federal money is also being used in construction.