NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP — The Michigan Iron Industry Museum is hosting a series called ‘Afternoons At The Museum’.

For the next several weeks, the museum will feature programs that focus on U.P. history.

This week’s presenter was author Bob Dobson, who talked about mining during The Great Depression and World War II.

“They tried to keep the miners here and not move away when things were bad,” said Dobson. “They sold a lot of land and a lot of the miners had farms and that kept them going. There were a lot of people during the depression that weren’t effected by the depression at all. But if you were a miner, you were.”

“People latch onto a topic if they’re really interested in it,” said historian Troy Henderson. “This year we have one on the environmental history of the U.P. We have one on prohibition in the U.P. Some people come for a specific one and other people come week after week.”

Afternoons At The Museum run every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. through August 23rd.