Even during the summer months, blood donations are needed

MARQUETTE — The U.P. Regional Blood Center is currently in need of several different blood types, including O-positive, O-negative, A-negative and B-negative, with the negatives being the more rare blood types.

Even during the summertime, there is a huge need for all types of blood.

“A lot of people have more elective surgeries in the summertime because it’s nicer and it’s easier to get around,” said Sallie Coron, blood collector for the U.P. Regional Blood Center.

“I think the need does go up and donations go down because people are on vacation or they have family in town or they have other things going on. They’re not on their usual schedules, so people tend to forget about the U.P. Regional Blood Center.”

All of the blood that’s donated here in the U.P. stays in the U.P.Thirteen different hospitals benefit from these donations.

It usually takes about 30 minutes to donate a pint of blood.

To schedule a donation appointment with the U.P. Regional Blood Center, click HERE.