MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University is hosting a summer camp that allows kids to learn hands-on trade skills.

This unique summer camp is aimed directly at fifth through twelfth grade students interested in learning hands-on skills that are applicable to several career fields. The courses range from welding and automotive repair to culinary arts and cosmetology.

By focusing on trade skills, the camps expose kids to a plethora of career options.

“We just want them to be exposed to the trades and to something that’s not just set in a sit-down classroom. In the culinary class, they’re actually cooking and one day they’re actually going to provide the lunch for the whole group, not just the culinary kids,” said Lori Malnor, program coordinator. “Not every kid learns the same. Some kids need the hands-on. It gives them more opportunities for learning.”

Each day, campers can attend either a full day course or two half day trainings taught by both NMU professors and community members.

The camps run through Wednesday this week and pick back up for a special three-day engineering camp next week.

The coordinating staff encourages anybody still interested in attending the camps to sign-up now by clicking here.