SOUTH RANGE — It’s been said that home is where the heart is and one Houghton County family will soon have their home built with a lot of it.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held to mark the start of a new home building project by the Copper Country Habitat for Humanity. The latest home will be built on a wooded lot on 6th Street in South Range for the Beaudoins, a young married couple with a baby. This will be one of several homes on this street that has been built for families such as

Copper Country Habitat for Humanity board member and Beaudoin family partner Darlene Dahl said, “The thing about Habitat is it’s a hand up and our families need to be working, have finances—but, maybe low finances—because they will have a
mortgage on their home so they have to have the ability to pay their mortgage. They pay taxes, they pay house insurance, so they have to be a working, viable family.”

Volunteers will work with the family to build the home. Some materials are donated but their mortgage will go toward paying for materials that need to be purchased. Construction will begin in the next couple of weeks and the house should be ready for the Beaudoins to move in by the end of October.