How does law enforcement keep itself safe?

MARQUETTE– Unfortunately, keeping people safe sometime puts officers in danger.

Last week’s event in Texas, where 11 officers were gunned down, killing six, was an example of that. But, police in Dallas aren’t the only ones who put themselves at risk. Here in the Upper Peninsula, multiple agencies work together to keep our communities safe.

Having a small amount of people in such a large space does have its challenges.

“Because Marquette County is so vast in size the response time is so critical,” said
Marquette Undersheriff Mike Klein. “We have to pool together and work together collectively.”

Pooling resources with other emergency serves helps.

Men and women in uniform are taught ways to keep themselves and their community safe. Klein said they are trained in how to protect themselves and those around them.

Klein said throughout the year, deputies of the Marquette County Sheriffs Office and other law enforcement agencies in Marquette county go through training. “Training includes driving, first aid, active shooter training, to help deal with any situation that we have.”

Klein also said that their thoughts and prayers were with everyone in Dallas. Members of the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office are wearing black strips over their badges to honor those lost Wednesday night.