NEGAUNEE — When walking through downtown Negaunee, there is one stop that was pretty popular earlier today.

A free flea market was set up near Jackson’s Pit and had a great variety of items for sale. From picture frames and books, to posters and even a canteen from the 1960’s, all the items were priced between one and five dollars. Two sisters got the idea of having the flea market after seeing an ad for Pioneer week, and than decided to give their parents a helping hand.

“We were helping out parents clean out their basement, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to participate in Pioneer Days and also help our parents clean out their basement” said Kaye-Lani Laughna.

“And see a lot of great people, we’ve met a lot of awesome people today” said sister, Jenny Molnar.

Both of the sisters are originally from Marquette and were happy to be able to visit close to home. For one little girl, visiting her Mom’s home of Michigan was pretty exciting.

“I’m glad to be in Michigan and it’s so fun jumping off of black rocks” said Lucy Molnar.

The Flea Market is just one of many events that have brought people home for Pioneer Days.