Blues look to finish the season strong

MARQUETTE — The Blues have hit a funk in the past week or so, but they got their act together with a good showing this weekend which they hope can springboard them into a great finish to the season.

Maruqette had lost five of their last seven games going into the doubleheader on Saturday against the Copper Country Flames. They needed nine innings to win game one and six inning to win game two, which shows the inconsistencies of the team. But head coach Derek Swajanen knows what the team has to work on.

“We have some new players in there, some new positional players that are in there, so I think we spend a lot of time on defense and pitching, and offense is just not clicking right now. And sometimes it’s contagious. You’ve all heard that hitting is contagious and we need to get the flu maybe. I don’t know, so that everybody is hitting at the same time. It will click though. We’ve got some really good athletes from one to nine. I think coming down the stretch I think we can put everything together,” said Swajanen.

The Blues wrapped up the holiday weekend taking part in the local fourth of July parades. The team is sponsored by the American Legion Post 44 and Swajanen is thankful for their support.

“We have great support from our veterans and it’s just exceptional. We try to give back and we try to teach those life lessons to the players and the boys, so hopefully then they teach that to their boys and their daughters. Hopefully it just all runs together and like I said, life lessons,” said Swajanen.

The annual Blues vs. Reds game also took place Monday morning, with the Blues getting the win 6–5.