Vietnam Wall opened with Native American ceremony

MARQUETTE — The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Marquette had its welcoming ceremony earlier this evening.

A Native American tribute ceremony was held in front of the wall. The wall was smudged by members of a Native American tribe along with the help of Vietnam Veterans. The smudging ceremony is performed to remove negative energy and restore balance.

During the time of the Vietnam war, a great number of Native Americans volunteered to serve their country in the war. The ceremony was performed to thank the Veterans for their sacrifice and welcome them to the wall.

“All the Veterans on the wall have fought for our freedom, for what we have today and there’s still more out there fighting for our freedom on a daily basis and they’re dying for a cause, for our freedom” said a Marine Corps. Veteran.

The ceremony had more than 800 attendants from all over the Upper Peninsula. The wall will be open for visitors tomorrow morning at 8:30.