MARQUETTE — A local brewery is holding a month long exhibit to introduce people to an uncommonly known art technique.

An exhibit kicked off this evening on the top floor of the Ore Dock Brewery Company in Marquette. The exhibit consists of handmade concert posters using the screen printing technique. Screen printing is art that must have each layer applied separately, this means one color at a time along with one poster at a time, making each piece of art pretty unique. For one Marquette Graphic Designer, the goal of this event was to teach people what exactly screen printing is.

“I’m doing this event or hosting this event because I really want to introduce people to screen printing.” Said Graphic Designer & Screen Printer Paul Hess, “it’s a beautiful art and I think it’s when people are seeing it, a way to elevate their brand and an opportunity for handmade products.”

Hess also demonstrated screen printing on a poster for visitors to watch and ask any questions. All the art that was made for this event was also for sale and with a purchase of a poster, a free beer was also given. The exhibit will be up throughout the month of June and is free for anyone who wants to stop by.