Aspiring women in the outdoors to take control of their health

IRON RIVER — Beautiful weather along with a wonderful group of women can turn any place into an eventful day. Aspiring Women in the Outdoors is all about Aspiring women while having serious fun and learning about serious health topics.

Bewabic State Park is a great place for fishing, swimming and camping, which is why it was chosen as this year’s hot spot for Women in the Outdoors sixth year. This is the first year that the name has changed to Aspiring Women in the outdoors due to the now relationship with Aspirus Iron River Hospital and Clinics.

“Aspiring Women is the program that we have just started rolling out a couple of months ago at all the Aspirus entities, it’s really an engagement tool to get women specifically involved in their health care and making decisions.” Stated Community Relations Manager for Aspirus Hospital and clinics Abby Miller.

Over two hundred and fifty women were ready to learn skills such as Kayaking 101, Outdoor First Aide and Survival, as well as Self Defense techniques in this women’s only event.

Miller added, “we’re just excited to get women that are new to the area or that have never been to Aspiring Women in the Outdoors and get them involved in the Aspiring Women’s Program and learning about things like preventive health, health screenings when do you have to get this and that health screening.”

This program also gives health care providers an opportunity to meet with women in the community and really engage with them on a personal level.

Miller said, “That if we can bring them in and engage them on a personal level in a fun venue like this, I think that that connection happens and people might be more willing to explore preventative health. Which is what we’re all about too is, getting people healthy but keeping them healthy too.”

For more information, you can go to the Aspiring Women web page, which contains valuable health information, recipes, event registration information, and much more.