With Vietnam Wall in town, veteran shares strong thoughts

MARQUETTE — The AVTT Traveling Vietnam Wall is in Marquette. And for America’s brave veterans, the wall brings remembrance and, for some, even closure.

Set–up near the Superior Dome, many gazed on, feeling the emotions run through them. For some, it is awe, seeing name after name that fought for our country. For others, especially veterans, it represents that and much more.

Dan Verville, a Vietnam veteran, shared his thoughts with ABC 10, “(It represents) remembrance, for a war that shouldn’t have been. 59,000 names up there and the war was for nothing. We pulled out. To me, that was a disgrace. We should have fought the war and let the politicians stay there. But, nope. And the wall is closure.”

Poignant and moving words that show just how high emotions ran with the picturesque and symbolic wall set–up in the background.