Unique competitions usher in Celebrity Golf Classic

MARQUETTE — Golf isn’t the only game being played at the Marquette Golf Club during the Beacon House U.P. Celebrity Golf Classic.

The day kicked off with participants competing to see who could shoot a champagne cork the farthest in order to win a Marquette Golf Club gift certificate. Others got a chance to win a whole new set of Ping golf clubs during the traditional Ping Pong Ball Drop competition.

“We really try to keep things fun and light and amusing, and of course we’re always looking for an opportunity to raise a little bit more money,” said Mary Dowling, CEO of Hospitality House of the Upper Peninsula. “So our ping pong ball is a fabulous way to do that. The champagne cork popping — we saw that at a Korbel tournament and we thought it was really fun, and all of us like to drink champagne, so we thought ‘what the heck, kill two birds with one stone.'”

“I shot my cork the furthest out of the everybody, and [I’m] completely drenched right now — everybody came and sprayed me after, but it was a good feeling,” said magician Trino.

Trino’s moment in the spotlight didn’t end there. After some assistance by a couple famous faces, he used his magic skills — and some fancy footwork — to escape a straight jacket.

Easy Ice took home the ping pong prize.