MARQUETTE — It’s high risk, it’s dangerous, it’s thrilling – and it is grace in its finest form. Today, the Earth Angels entertained Marquette with their awe–inspiring aerial acrobatics.

If you’re a fan of Cirque Du Soleil, this is for you.

The instructor, Brett Copes has over five years experience as a rigger with various Cirque Du Soleil shows.

His workshop, Rigging for Aerialists, is set-up to empower the performing arts community with critical education designed to bring Marquette’s acrobatic rigging practices up to contemporary cirque standards.

Earth Angels founder and director, Amber Neely remarked, “We have Brett Copes of Fight or Flight Entertainment Marquette to deliver his Ringing for Aerialists workshop. We have also been visiting some of the theaters around town to test the aerial rigging that’s currently being used by performers here in Marquette.”

The instructor, Copes, said, “Our goal is to provide acrobats and stunt people the opportunity to do things off the ground. So we make the rigging to make that happen, and then we try to reduce the amount of risk that comes with it to as low as possible to keep everyone a little bit safer.”

Earth Angels has been recognized by the council as a new leader for performing arts in the U.P. If you didn’t catch them today, they will be at the Flying Moose on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.