Aerial views big hit at Bridgefest

HOUGHTON / HANCOCK — The Houghton waterfront was a busy place this weekend as crowds came out to celebrate Bridgefest.

It took a while, but summer arrived just in time for the annual Bridgefest weekend in Houghton and Hancock. With the parade keeping to one side of the bridge this year, crowds packed Shelden Avenue in Houghton to watch it go by. Some decided to get a different view of the bridge by taking a ride on a helicopter.

Lead Flight Instructor Adam Chunn for Lake Superior Helicopters said, “We go to approximately 30 festivals during the summer, and this is probably the prettiest one that we have the pleasure to fly in.”

The ride costs roughly ten dollars per minute…well worth it to one Houghton resident, who took a ride to celebrate her 23rd birthday.

23–year–old Erin Raymond of Houghton said, “Well, at first, I was absolutely terrified because I’ve only flown in planes before and I was like ‘Is this going to be shaky and terrifying’ and, well, as we got up and got in the air, it was a lot smoother than I thought it was going to be and I kind of calmed down a little bit and it was really awesome to see the landscape and everything.”

For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground…Bridgefest also featured a car show on Saturday…and there were vendors and games along the waterfront for everyone to enjoy.

And at the park…Seafoodfest continued to cook up their famous meals, raising money for the Houghton Rotary.