U.P. Company partners with downstate center for work

IRONWOOD — Over 530 miles stands between the cities of Ironwood and Flint.

You wouldn’t think that these two places– separated by more than eight hours by car– have anything in common, but they actually do.

In March of 2015, Jacquart Fabric Products, known for their famous Stormy Kromer hats, was looking to expand. There was one problem: Owner Bob Jacquart needed more experienced sewers and he couldn’t find any in the area.

Thanks to a contact at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Jacquart learned about the St. Luke NEW Life Center in Flint.

From there, a partnership and a friendship was formed between people living completely opposite lives.

“I got a chance to look around at the products that they made and the quality and believed that they could work for us and that they could get up to the quality of making products for us,” said Jacquart.

“It’s really a fun thing for me to be part of. I’m truly blessed, honored and I love working with them. As Stormy Kromer grows, they will grow as long as they can find high–level talented sewers,” he added.

The six women who currently work at the St. Luke NEW Life Center make the Stormy Kromer vests that are sold by the company.