MARQUETTE — A Little Lake man charged with breaking and entering was sentenced in Marquette County Circuit Court Friday morning.

Twenty–six year old Jason Church received a sentence of one year in the Marquette County Jail along with 36-months of probation.

In April, Church broke into a home on US–41 in Chocolay Township on the search for pain medication.

Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi says though this was not a fatal accident, it could have had devastating consequences.

“As the victim says, he has a gun. Was he going to shoot you? Would you have shot him? Would somebody have wound up dead out of this incident? I think what you do when entering into a home and then the existence of the fire–arm there has potential to cause so much damage and to go well beyond what you did here,” said Mazzuchi.

Judge Mazzuchi added that Church would need to seek proper treatment for his substance abuse or he would see himself in prison for probation violation.