Retirement of successful K-9 unit

NEGAUNEE — Over six and a half years in the field, more than 200 narcotics found, and 30 successful tracks of fleeing suspects.

Who is this highly trained K–9? Well this is a nine year old German Shepherd named Boris. Boris first came into Trooper McNeely’s life back in 2009 when he was assigned to the Michigan State Police Negaunee Post. Boris had no previous training when he first arrived and was required to attend a 15 week K–9 academy. After six and a half years of working together, the bond between the two is inseparable.

“It’s almost like your best friends but you still have to be the boss and you can’t come out and play all the time but it’s there, especially in high crisis times you can see the dog is ready to be by your side and do whatever is required of him to protect you.” Said Michigan State Police Trooper, Patrick McNeely, “it’s always there, it’s established early and goes on the entire career of the dog and beyond that as you can see now.”

The K–9 units used by the Michigan State Police have annual vet check–ups to ensure their body is still healthy for work.
Trooper McNeely heard that Boris had to retire after the vet found a crushed disc in his vertebrae. The news of Boris’s retirement was bittersweet for McNeely.

“It’s kind of a selfish thing, you don’t want him to retire because he’s so successful but on the other hand, you really want him to get a really good retirement life” said McNeely.

Although Boris did retire from the Michigan State Police, that doesn’t mean the bond ends between him and McNeely. Boris is now happily retired in Trooper McNeely’s home.