Art Week underway in Marquette

MARQUETTE — A celebration of the visual and performing arts is returning to one Upper Peninsula city in just a few days from now.

Marquette will be hosting its annual Art Week next week. Exhibits and demonstrations will be occurring at local businesses throughout the week. Along with the downtown streets of Marquette, the Devos Art Museum and Beaumier Heritage Center on the campus of Northern Michigan University will be hosting an open house.

“It’s our artists that make our city come to life and give us wonderful things to do and see and make our city what it is. Said Arts and Culture Manager, Tiina Harris, “this is an opportunity to celebrate the arts, find out what’s going on, meet some of those artists, and just bring art into the streets, so you don’t have to go inside a gallery to see, or a museum.”

Art Week starts on Father’s Day and runs through the twenty–fifth. A number of different workshops and classes will be happening throughout the city. For more information on Art Week, click here.