U.S. Coast Guard trains with National Parks Services in U.P.

GRAND MARAIS — The U.S. Coast Guard and other emergency responders joined forces today in Grand Marais to help train one another on procedures when rescuing people from the water.

The Coast Guard followed each boat on a helicopter and practiced aligning the two together to perform a successful rescue. This is the second year in a row that the training occurred in Grand Marais. Officer Shaun Hughes requested this training to have all members better understand how to work with other coast guards.

“We’re just kind of doing a joint training mission with the park service and everything like that, just so if we do have to respond to a case up here and dealing with different agencies, we kind of know how each other work, it just makes everything go smoother” said Rescue Swimmer, David Braaten.

The training was performed with three different boats and one helicopter that was flown by the Coast Guard. For one family, the Coast Guard has been a large part of their lives.

“I’m here today with my Dad, Bob Hughes Senior and my son, Shaun Hughes, and actually all three of us have been tied with the coast guard.”

Sheriff Hughes is involved with the Coast Guard Auxiliary. His dad also worked for and retired from the auxiliary. His son works with the National Parks Services and is also involved with the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Grand Marais.

The officers hope to have another training event such as this one, next year.