Only 12 more years to go

HANCOCK — It’s the first step of many in getting an education—graduating Kindergarten.

Just think…only 12 more years to go. Around 80 children received their diplomas at a Kindergarten and Early 5’s graduation ceremony held at Barkell Elementary School in Hancock. Each class is unique and special in their own way.

Barkell Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Amanda Andress said, “This year, I think they were a little bit more outgoing. They were definitely out of their bubbles before Kindergarten started, and so they were a lot of fun to work with this year.”
Kindergarteners learn the basics of reading and writing…and apparently about nutrition.

Barkell Elementary Kindergarten graduate, when asked what he learned in Kindergarten, said, “About eggs and stuff.”

These girls will be in Kindergarten next year but they aren’t even thinking about that yet.

Vana Bowlby, standing with classmate Maggie Klein, said what she plans to do this summer, “Play outside!”

Teachers often get attached to their students…but those who teach Kindergarten have one advantage.

Andress said, “We definitely do get attached, but the nice thing about being a Kindergarten teacher is that we get to see them in the building for another five or six years.”